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May 2007

Organization of the seminar “Cultural Diversity and Cultural Rights – why is it necessary?” by the Institute for Social Education (IFS) in collaboration with various associations such as ATD Quart Monde, CLAE, Femmes en Détresse, D’Stëmm vun der Strooss and Sesopi. Participation and testimonials from people who live in precarious conditions.

September 2007

Creation of a work group with the aim of discussing all open issues from the seminar and developing concrete solutions for a new cultural policy. Above all, attention should be devoted to those who have no cultural access, particularly the economically disadvantaged and people with an immigration background.
Writing a joint text titled “Diversity and Cultural Rights” which describes helpful ways for example to create a charitable organization based on the Belgian or Austrian model.

February 2008

Development of a cultural pact in collaboration with Forum Culture(s), presented to political parties for the 2009 parliamentary elections.

May 2008

According to the request of the Staater Muséeën, collaboration in the organization of a conference named “Museums: agents of social change and development”. This conference presents the initiatives Réseau Wresinski Culture in France and Hunger auf Kunst und Kultur in Austria.che

December 2008

Foundation of the association CULTUR’ALL after the success of the conference.
First concrete step: implementation and distribution of the Kulturpass to facilitate access to cultural activities for a wider audience.

Through these various meetings, the desire has been growing to identify and analyze the hurdles of so many residents for participating in cultural life. With regard to the excluded people in cultural life and the experiences of the founding members, the objective of CULTUR’ALL is to fight inequalities.

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